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RULES of The SOF Forum

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RULES of The SOF Forum Empty RULES of The SOF Forum

Post by Kardra Xenospawn on Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:26 pm

Please respect other members and abide by these rules. Thank you.

1. Do not swear or use filthy language on the chat or on a topic. While I do have a filter set up, it is vulnerable, and attempting to bypass it may merit a ban. Swearing is not cool. Keep it clean.

2. Keep posts related to the topic you are posting on. We have many different topics to discuss things on, and spam is not appreciated.

3. If you must post links, make sure they are family-friendly. There is a great age diversity on this forum. If you post a offending link once, you will be warned, but if you attempt to post it again, you will merit a week-long ban.

4. Please avoid discussion of controversial or provocative issues. We don't want World War III to break out on here.

5. Do not hate on or bully other members for any reason at all. You may merit a three-day ban.

6. Please avoid spamming on the Chatbox.

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