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Galactic Warfare Stories

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Galactic Warfare Stories Empty Galactic Warfare Stories

Post by Dishonored on Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:11 pm

This "series" will explain through multiple characters what happens in their lives among the massive reality which is Galactic Warfare.

Hope you like it.

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Galactic Warfare Stories Empty Re: Galactic Warfare Stories

Post by Dishonored on Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:11 pm

Galactic Warfare Story 1
GXY: Ariconoe – GY: 5607 – Awana, Ascramasca City
Chapter 1
Had the stormy night not have woken me, maybe I wouldn’t have recalled my stress from the previous years.
A ruler bears the strain of a city. There are some who control not only a small city, but a country, an empire. Filtering the list, there are the select few who hold their heavy hand over an entire planet, the few rare… and to continue there are those who own entire solar systems, space sectors… but less than a handful of individuals claim right to an entire galaxy.
As Chancellor of the Alliance… I carry upon my small shoulders the weight of not only an entire galaxy, but their armies, their governments, their people… hundreds of species that openly consider themselves part of the alliance. Hundreds more, within our space, do not even have the slightest clue of whom we are, and some probably mistook our spacecraft as signs from “gods”…
It is, by all harshest means, insufferably demanding as to run a beneficial empire that pleases morality and the people… and when anything sour dare turn its wretch face onto the debate floor, it’s not the problem the people give daggers to; it’s the one in charge... I guess I have little room to complain though… I’ve only had a dagger in my back once, and that was from some Fed...
Should the debate not been in the morning, maybe I wouldn’t feel as through an Accolade Class was ramming its bow into my spine…  

A crash of lightning shattered my already broken thoughts.

“Damn…” I muttered. My hand floundered around my nightstand until it clasped a tiara of sorts… I placed it upon my head, and willed my anti-gravitational devices around my wrists and ankles, and hovered out of my bed. My toes floated over the ground as I willed myself towards the glass door that allowed the storm to shine its darkness into my room.

In that moment I realized my life seemed synonymous to this very situation… A leader, standing behind an impenetrable wall, and with ease, able to view the entire world fall into chaos… I recalled working in the forces oh-so long ago… where had those days gone…?
I had plans to implement the “Militian” idea with the council… I had assisted in creating some of the greatest technologies this galaxy has seen… but I was not there. I could not witness, nor could I assist… I simply stood here, in a damn-fancy suit, on a damn-fancy floating platform, in a damn-fancy room dedicated to depressing politics.
I have seen so much in my life. I have done so much in my life… and I have been “reduced” to this? Reduced to being a ruler of a galaxy?
“Is this what it has become…? Is this what I’ve become? Such an honor… binding me to this…?”
My hand touched that frigid glass, and the feeling of ice forming around my fingers and palm felt like some form of refreshment… a rush I hadn’t felt in so long… difference.
Frigid and cold, my hand pressed against the rime crystal wall… and pushed it outward. The wind slapped my fair and whirled my hair, but I simply floated outside…
The rain pellets landed on my face, on my eyes, my tongue… it was something I hadn’t felt in so long… hundreds of years it felt… maybe it was…
I looked below me… how my feet floated above the ground… how the metal tiles held the water on them so… ever since I made these hovering devices, I hadn’t walked at all… maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to try again after so long…
I willed them off.
In that same instant, regret kicked in harder than an armless bounty hunter who hasn’t eaten for the past week. With a short scream, and a slip, my snout impacted into the parapet, and into the metal tiles. With a groan, and rubbing my nose, I felt, and saw, blood. I put my hands on the ground, lifted myself, but my legs refused to work… and then I remembered… I’m paralyzed from the waist down. With a sigh and reluctance, my AG devices veered back to life, and I started to hover above the ground.
I shook my head, opened my door, and went back into my room to find “Syondeir”, my assistant droid. His head went back in an aghast motion as his sensors detected me.
“Chancellor, you’re soaked! Did your interior moisture penetrate through your skin?” His annoying, high yet deep voice put a smile on my face.
“No, Syondeir…” a sneeze escaped me.
“My my… should I make you some soup? Any pref- My, you’re bleeding as well? Should I simply put on a skirt and call myself a nurse?”
“None of that is necessary, Syondeir,” I assured him.
“I will be delivering new clothes, medical equipment to cease that nosebleed of yours, and-”
“I told you, I’m fine.”
“Chancellor, once I realized that your interior is a convoluted mess of cells and various liquids, I told myself, ‘These beings have something very wrong with them’. I will be ordering soup as well. Once you finish, I recommend getting some sleep. It’s four in the morning. In ten hours, you must be presentable.”
He started to walk out of the room.
“… Thank you,” he paused, and turned around for a single moment.
“You are welcome, organic flesh-sack.”
“What was that?”
“Oh… nothing, Chancellor… nothing at all. Preforming assigned duties.” With an “innocent” whistle, he walked out of my room, the automatic door closing behind him.  
“… I’m glad I installed that insult generator…”
I looked back out that window… maybe I could finally walk out there for once in my life…

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